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The MEDIGENIC keyboards and mice facilitate compliance with specified hygiene standards without foregoing ease of use. The specially developed design provides an excellent typing experience with tangible button movement. User operating speeds remain at a high level and there is no need to fear comparison with traditional keyboards. MEDIGENIC keyboards and mice are a reliable choice in all environments where hygiene and health are top priorities.

Hygienically clean in seconds

The flat, ergonomic keyboard design enables fast cleaning with all hospital-approved disinfectants. The moisture-resistant surface based on silicone is totally impermeable to liquids, latex-free and extremely durable.

Optimal typing feeling

The Medigenic keyboards provide solid tactile sensory feedback when operated. This enables fast and reliable data input. The 3D surface of the key panel simulates the haptics of a keyboard with standard buttons and thereby makes it easier to position the fingers.

MEDIGENIC Scroll-mouse

Medigenic Scroll Mouse

The Medigenic Scroll Mouse is impervious to anti-bacterial sprays and liquid cleaning products due to the fact that it is manufactured using a flexible silicone material. The smooth, latex-free surface is hypoallergenic and does not feature any corners, edges or niches where bacteria can hide. The ergonomic mouse features three touch buttons (left, right, centre) and a scroll function.


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Medigenic Essential

Medigenic Essential is an easy-to-clean, cost-effective keyboard ideal for use in medical environments. The special product design makes it easy to clean and disinfect. The hypoallergenic button panel is latex-free and does not contain other irritating materials.

MEDIGENIC Compliance

Medigenic Compliance

Medigenic Compliance offers all of the same benefits as the Essential keyboard and also features a three-level backlight. An integrated cleaning alarm reminds operating staff when cleaning is required at pre-defined intervals. As a result, the keyboard automatically detects when cleaning is completed.


Medigenic Wireless

The wireless Medigenic keyboard has the same great features as the Essential model. What’s more, this keyboard also functions when located up to ten metres away from the PC. This makes it far more flexible and versatile than the wired versions.


Medigenic Compact

Similar to the Compliance keyboard, the Compact keyboard also features a cleaning alarm and a backlight, but has much smaller space requirements. As a result, it is predestined for restricted input situations, such as on mobile rounds trolleys.


Patented cleaning alarm

The Compliance and Compact keyboards from Medigenic feature a cleaning alarm that users can individually set. After a defined interval, the keyboard begins to flash, making users aware that cleaning is required. The display disappears automatically when cleaning is completed.

Disinfection without interruption

The keyboard can be temporarily disabled with the push of a button in order to disinfect the device. This prevents incorrect entries. It is not necessary to release the USB connection or shut down the PC. The keyboard is disinfected directly on the spot.

Illuminated touch buttons

The Compliance keyboard is easy and convenient to operate, even in poorly illuminated environments such as those used for ultrasound examinations. This is thanks to integrated button illumination that is adjustable at three levels.


CLINIO C with MEDIGENIC mouse and keyboard


  • Flat, easy-to-clean design – no unhygienic edges and corners

  • IP65 protection against anti-bacterial cleaning fluids and sprays

  • The keyboard can be disabled during cleaning with the push of a button

  • Automatic reminder for required cleaning (time-based, adjustable)*

  • Three-level button illumination

  • Medium button movement for an optimal typing experience

  • Wear-resistant, removable surface made using a smooth, silicone-based material

  • Multiple keyboard layouts for different languages


* MEDIGENIC Compliance only

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