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Rein EDV GmbH and MeDiSol merge to Rein Medical GmbH

Press release, September the 16, 2011

Rein EDV GmbH with it's HQ in Mönchengladbach, Germany focuses on medical IT and operate from now as Rein Medical GmbH.

For over 40 years the surname Rein stands for quality and innovation in the IT industry. Rein EDV GmbH founded 12 years ago the business unit MeDiSol and distributes since then diagnostic monitors of the Japanese manufacturer Totoku. In subsequent years MeDiSol inherit the experience and knowledge of the business divisions Industrial Solutions and Computer Systems. The first in-house developed medical all-in-one computer and monitor arisen in 2004. The ISO 13485 certification in 2009 finally set the course in order to fully align the medical market.

Under the brand name VIEWMEDIC the products are known and appreciated today. VIEWMEDIC products are developed and produced in Willich. The experience of the medical and industrial divisions come together here. During the recent years the technical writing and regulatory affairs teams have been extended, besides the teams of electrical engineering and construction design.

The aim of changing the company name is a internationally recognizable brand architecture and a significant position in the medical market: Rein Medical GmbH is the company and VIEWMEDIC the product brand. In close cooperation with the subsidiaries Rein Medical AG (Switzerland) and Rein Medical System SA (Spain) the markets in Europe and overseas will be further expanded. The business divisions Industrial Solutions and Computer Systems will be managed by the Rein Industrial GmbH.

The team will be available for customers under the names Rein Medical and Rein Industrial.

Rein EDV GmbH and MeDiSol merge to Rein Medical GmbH


medical All-In-One Computer

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