Luminance stabilisation

for stable display characteristics

All JVC displays provide λ-Sentinel, an automatic luminance control system that adjusts luminance fluctuation caused by starting up, ambient temperature changes or secular variation of backlight. They always produce stable images as diagnostic imaging requires precise image display.

Luminance stabilizes in about 30 sec. after startup.

Correction of luminance drift variation at startup significantly shortens waiting time after startup. The displays quickly provide stable luminance.

Drop of luminance due to aged deterioration of blacklights is adjusted

Luminance can be automatically corrected when it deteriorates low due to an extended period of use.The high luminance displays for diagnostic imaging need to provide bright, optimal images, even after many years of use.


Automatical adjustment with ambient temperature

Changes in a display's ambient temperature influences the transmittance of its liquid crystal panel, making luminance unstable. JVC's ME/CCL displays automatically correct luminance to a certain level when ambient temperature changes. The displays can show images stably even when temperature changes unexpectedly because of external influences.

Lambda-Sentinel-II - JVC's new stabilizing system

The new JVC i-Models provide λ-Sentinel-II, the next generation of an advanced automatic luminance control system that adjusts the luminance in perfection. The luminance sensor is places in front of the panel surface and stabilizes luminance by a permanent monitoring and sending feedback to the control circuit.



  • Intermediate luminance may now be measured, and combined with PM Medivisor enables evaluation of DICOM GSDF conformance.
  • The LCD module realizes highly accurate luminance control with consideration for luminance fluctuations.
  • The standalone display alone can measure and output the current luminance value on-screen.

Stabilization of the individual monitors

λ-Sentinel II (integrated sensors)

CCL 650i2

CCL 358i2

CCL 258i2


I-Sentinel II (integrated sensors)

MS 55i2

MS 35i2

MS 25i2



l-Sentinel I (integrated sensors)

ME 193




medical All-In-One Computer

provides maximum flexibility for OR integration

Medical keyboard and mouse

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