Information about DICOM® Part 14

Built-In LUTs provide best conformance

On conventional displays without correction of gamma and luminance, white areas tend to saturate and dark areas tend to simply display as black. This inability to display subtle shades of gray renders the commercial display unsuitable for professional applications such as diagnostic imaging.

This occurs because of characteristics of the human eye, and therefore images on a display need to be corrected so that the human eye can recognize them as they are.

JVC's calibration software Medivisor corrects gamma and luminance to achieve the smooth gray scale that is required for diagnostic imaging.

The most suitable values for discernment are shown in a curved line by DICOM (standards for digital images and communications for medical purposes) Part14.

Read more about DICOM Part 14 on the official NEMA website.

Illustration of effects before and after calibration

medical All-In-One Computer

provides maximum flexibility for OR integration

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