LED Backlight

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LED Backlight

LED backlight is the next generation backlight and replaces the old CCFL type. Especially from the economical point of view LED brings rich advantages.



With LED the lifetime is increasing by 20-25%. This increases the usage time dramatically. This enables operating times of up to 40.000hours.

Based on 10 hours daily usage you can get 4000days which equals more than 10 years.


Power consumption

With LED Backlight power consumption is cut by 20%. This saves energy and reduces CO2 emmision.



LEDs contain no mercury or other harmful elements. This makes disposal easy.

Following JVC Displays provide this LED Backlight:

Colordisplays:                                 Grayscaledisplays:

-CCL 650i2                                     -MS 55i2

-CCL 358i2                                     -MS 35i2

-CCL 258i2                                     -MS 25i2

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