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CLINIO 24 inch All-In-One-Computer

Universal use

CLINIO COMPUTER is a hygienic and versatile all in one PC that is ideally suited to use in medical environments. Because the front is totally flat and is protected in accordance with IP65, wipe-down disinfection is easy. Furthermore, every CLINIO is custom-built to your requirements and can be configured in a variety of ways.

Tested and certified

The CLINIO is a Class 1 medical device (in accordance with MDD 93/42/EEC Annex IX, Rule 12). Furthermore, all CLINIO 4 series devices have been tested according to the DIN EN 60601-1 and DIN EN 60601-1-2 international standards. Only devices that fulfil these conditions should be used in patient environments or in combination with other medical equipment and provide the operator with the relevant device safety. 

High-performance & customised

If you are looking for a high-performing PC that is the perfect fit for everyday use in a medical environment, all your lines of enquiry will lead to the CLINIO COMPUTER. Every CLINIO is a customised PC that is exclusively built in keeping with your preferences and requirements. It is designed, manufactured and assembled in Germany, which means we can guarantee the highest level of quality.

Limitless expansion

The CLINIO COMPUTER provides a full PCIe 16x expansion slot. This means that the CLINIO is also capable of meeting special requirements because additional elements can be integrated, such as a frame grabber card or a KVM. Data can be read from and written to optical disks using the optional DVD or Blu-ray drive.

Slimline design

The back of the computer features multiple VESA mounting options, allowing the CLINIO 4 to be attached to a ceiling arm or mounted straight onto a wall. The new, slimmer design, however, opens up even more areas of application for the CLINIO. With its optional base, the CLINIO acts as a modern integrated desktop computer with impressive processing power.

Medical PC
CLINIO COMPUTER, powerful and hygienic


The CLINIO 4 is a perfectly balanced all in one computer. Although its ability to support medical applications such as RIS, HIS, PACS and EHR is impressive, it offers so much more. With its brilliant screen, impressive performance and the wide range of options available, it fulfils all requirements for use in hospitals, doctor’s surgeries and other medical institutions.

Moving away from a standard configuration

There’s no such thing as a ‘standard’ CLINIO! Every CLINIO 4 COMPUTER is optimised to meet your requirements. And that means more than just the operating system, CPU, RAM or the size of the hard drive! With more than 20 different options in total, including touchscreen, base, WLAN, external power supply and electrical isolation, the CLINIO caters for all configuration requirements.

Limitless expansion

The rear of the CLINIO 4 COMPUTER also shows evidence of its versatility. The computer communicates with all medical IT components via USB 3.0, RS232, GbE LAN, DisplayPort and DVI. The PCIe expansion slot guarantees maximum flexibility and is future-proof. The rear-side hygiene cover offers additional protection and adjusts to the cabling at the mounting location.

Safe, robust and energy-saving

Only robust industrial components that will remain available for a long time are used for the CLINIO 4. For instance, specialised Intel® CPUs are used. They were developed to meet high-level requirements such as those typical of the automotive, transport and aviation sectors. These processors are more temperature-resistant and energy-efficient than desktop CPUs, they perform better than CPUs used in laptops and they are extremely well-suited for 24/7 use.





The protective glass is installed fl ush with the front panel. This safely protects the monitor against splashes and dust.



When fitted with the optional touchscreen, the computer module can be conveniently controlled using the screen. This touchscreen also understands multi finger gestures.



The totally planar surface of the product enables wipe-down disinfection, reducing the risk of cross or smear contamination.

Safe, Sichere Bedienung, Bedienen mit OP-Handschuhen


The computer can also be operated with surgical gloves. This applies not only to the touchpad, but also to the optional touchscreen.



The computer module is equipped with an i5 CPU, which off ers enough power for most applications. For particularly CPU-intensive applications, the PC is equipped with the optional i7 CPU.



The standard configuration of 4 GB of RAM is fully adequate for most applications. However, the PC module can be delivered with up to 16 GB of RAM, depending on application and operating system.


500 GB

The 500 GB hard disk generally provides sufficient storage space. Larger hard disks and SSD drives are optionally available.

USB 2.0, USB 3.0


In addition to USB 2.0, the CLINIO 3 COMPUTER supports USB 3.0 with a data transfer rate of up to 500 Mbps.

16fach-Slot, 3D-Grafikkarte

PCI 16x

The PC module can be expanded via the PCI express 16x slot: If you want, we can integrate an optional frame grabber card, a 3D graphics card or other expansions for you.

LINUX, Windows 7, Windows 8


The product is delivered either without an operating system or with LINUX, Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Closed Cooling

Closed Cooling

The CLINIO 3 has no ventilation slots. This prevents dust and germs from being circulated.

Quality, Qualität, Ausfallsicherheit


Only hardware for industrial applications is used for the CLINIO. Such hardware is superior to conventional PC hardware in terms of longevity and resilience.

VESA-Montagelöcher, VESA 100


The VESA mounting holes (VESA 100) on the rear side enable wall mounting or attachment to a monitor arm.



The PC MODULE is fi tted with two RS-232 serial interfaces. This enables remote control of devices via GPIO, for example, using foot-operated switches.



The DVI output, like the HDMI sockets, enables the images to be output to external monitors.

Certified IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2


Security certified according to the EN 60601-1 and EN 60601-1-2 standards.

More about QM





The CLINIO 3 can be extended with a WLAN-module (IEEE 802.11b/g/n). This enables data transfer rates of up to 450 Mbps.

4kV Protection

4kV Protection

Both the two RS-232 interfaces and the RJ-45 interfaces can be equipped with optocouplers, which provide 4 kV protection.

Power supply

Power supply

An external power supply is available for the CLINIO 3 SERIES. The power supply delivers the usual hospital dc voltage of 12 V.

IP 54

IP 54

The rear side of the computer has IP32 protection. IP54 protection can be achieved with the optional cover.


16 GB

The CLINIO 3 SERIES can be optionally fitted with up to 16 GB of RAM.

Monitor stand

Monitor stand

With the optional base, the computer can also be positioned on any desk. It cuts a fine figure with its slim design.



A barcode imager is also available as an optional accessory. It can be used to read in 1D barcodes (for example, EAN, UPC and IAN) and 2D barcodes, so-called QR codes.


Das optionale DVD-Laufwerk ist vollständig in das Gehäuse integriert und kann CDs und DVDs lesen und beschreiben.



When fitted with the optional touchscreen, the computer module can be conveniently controlled using the screen. This touchscreen also understands multifinger gestures.



The CLINIO 4 COMPUTER has no ventilation slots. This prevents dust and germs from being circulated. The VESA mounting holes (VESA 100) on the rear side enable wall mounting or attachment to a monitor arm.


The front side of the CLINIO 4 provides protection in accordance with IP65. In order to offer a similar level of protection to the rear side, the computer features a hygiene cover that has an IP54 protection rating. Of course this also applies if any cables need to be inserted into the device. This is made possible by replaceable seals that guarantee optimal safety.


Every CLINIO 4 COMPUTER has a DisplayPort and a DVI output. This makes it possible to display images on two additional monitors. If required, the display of the CLINIO is cloned – in other words, all three monitors show the same content. Alternatively, the desktop is extended across the entire area of the monitors. 


The CLINIO is a powerful and hygienic computer, making it ideal for the everyday requirements of hospitals, doctor’s surgeries and operating rooms. The CLINIO computer is your reliable partner for all applications such as RIS, KIS, PACS and so on.

CLINIO 424CCLINIO All-In-One-Computer

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Test the CLINIO 4

We would be glad to present you the CLINIO 4 on location. Further you have the opportunity to run the devices in your daily clinic routine during a test phase.

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