Versatile and hygienic


Universal use

The light, compact design of the CLINIO 4 MONITOR makes an impression, and not only on the wall. The CLINIO 4 is also very impressive in surgical swivel and springs arms. The display can be used at any workstation thanks to the optional base. The brilliant image quality, low power consumption and compact design make the CLINIO 4 the perfect operating room monitor for spring and ceiling arms as well as for wall mounting.

Perfect for daily use in hospitals

The CLINIO 4 MONITOR is easy to clean and disinfect thanks to the smooth surface and IP65-protected front elements. The display was designed to ideally meet the requirements of day-to-day hospital applications. As a result, there is no air exchange with the environment. This, together with the germicidal coating, significantly reduces the risk of cross-contamination. The CLINIO 4 has no mechanical and protruding controls thanks to the integrated capacitive touchpad, the command bar and optional ten-finger touch operation. This way, operation is easy and hygienic, even while wearing surgical gloves.

The easy-to-clean design of the CLINIO 4 MONITOR makes it ideal for the medical environment. 


The connections of the CLINIO 4 MONITOR are protected by an optimally adjusted hygiene cover. The cover can be removed by simply taking hold of it (no tool is required), and it can be quickly put back again. The use of various cable seals prevents dust, dirt and fluids from penetrating into the enclosure. 

  • Choose a 22, 24 or 27-inch MONITOR
  • Easy-to-clean SURFACE
  • IP65 protective FRONT
  • LED backlight
  • Intuitive touch operation
medical display
Choose a 22, 24 or 27-inch MONITOR

Smart integration from a single source

An extensive range of inputs ensures compatibility with common signal formats. This makes it possible to connect virtually all image-producing devices. What’s more, the CLINIO 4 MONITOR provides a high degree of flexibility for imaging multiple modalities (PiP and PoP) in an integrated operating room. The CLINIO 4 is optimally designed for use with SMART OR and OPERION. As such, Rein Medical provides optimal operating room integration from a single source. 

Variety of connection options for perfect interaction

Thanks to its extensive range of inputs, the CLINIO 4 MONITOR understands virtually all devices and formats used in the operating room. All types of signals are displayed, from VGA and CVBS right through to Display Port and HDMI. There is also a 3G-SDI connection with a loop-through function available as an option.

Remote control via GPIO

The GPIO input on the CLINIO 4 MONITOR opens up a range of possible uses. It is possible to connect a foot-operated switch that enables remote control of the CLINIO. The attending doctor can switch between different inputs or call up presets to influence brightness and contrast, for example.

Greyscale correction according to DICOM

The sensitivity of the human eye does not function in a linear fashion. The OPERION monitors feature DICOM Part 14 correction in order to compensate for these characteristics. The CLINIO 4 Display also offers a range of colour spaces (BT.709, BT.1886 and BT.2020) in order to prevent colour shifts and misrepresentations.

Anti-reflective coating

Anti-reflective coating

The anti-reflective coating ensures an optimum image even in difficult environmental conditions.



When fitted with the optional touchscreen, the computer module can be conveniently controlled using the screen. This touchscreen also understands multi finger gestures.



The monitor can also be operated while wearing surgical gloves.



The totally planar surface of the product enables wipe-down disinfection, reducing the risk of cross or smear contamination.

Certified IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2


Security certified according to the EN 60601-1 and EN 60601-1-2 standards.

More about QM


DICOM preset - for improved perception

The VIEWMEDIC display come with a correction curve, which is stored as DICOM preset and can be activated via the menu. The image quality is thereby noticeably improved.

More about DICOM preset

Closed Cooling

Closed Cooling

The CLINIO 3 has no ventilation slots. This prevents dust and germs from being circulated.

Multi-Picture, PIP, POP


The display is capable of PiP (picture in picture) and PoP (two images side by side). Images can be configured independently of one another (contrast, brightness, etc.)

VESA 100 Halterung


The VESA 100 mounting holes on the rear side enable wall mounting or attachment to a monitor arm. Two different sets of VESA mounting holes guarantee a high level of flexibility.

Optional externes Netzteil

Power supply

The CLINIO 3 DISPLAY can also be operated using an external power supply (available as an option). The power supply delivers the usual hospital dc voltage of 12 V.

Optionaler Monitorfuß

Optional base

With the optional base, the computer can also be positioned on any desk.  The slim design leaves enough space for other work.

Optionaler KVM-Extender


The KVM extender can be optionally integrated. The Clinio is thus able to distribute images to PCs located at distances of up to 100 metres. Remote operation of these devices from the Clinio is also possible.

Optionaler IP65 Schutz


The protective glass is installed flush with the front panel and offers IP65 protection. The rear side of the device is protected to IP54. If desired, an IP65 rating can be achieved for the entire device.

optionale erweiterbare Garantie


The CLINIO 3 DISPLAY comes with a standard two-year warranty with bring-in service. The warranty can be extended to up to five years with on-site service.


Tested and certified

The CLINIO 4 is a Class 1 medical device (in accordance with MDD 93/42/EEC Annex IX, Rule 12). Furthermore, all CLINIO 4 series devices have been tested according to the DIN EN 60601-1 and DIN EN 60601-1-2 international safety standards. Only devices that fulfil these conditions should be used in patient environments or in combination with other medical equipment and provide the operator with the relevant device safety.

Control and convert

A Signal Extender can be optionally integrated in the CLINIO 4, extending the possibilities of the monitor. The CLINIO 4 MONITOR displays images from medical devices located up to 100 metres away. Furthermore, an externally located PC can be remotely controlled from the CLINIO 4 and the PC’s images can be displayed on the CLINIO 4 MONITOR. 


The professional monitors from the CLINIO 4 series are ideal for everyday use in hospitals, doctor’s surgeries and operating rooms. The CLINIO 4 MONITOR offers you a high degree of future security and guarantees reliability.



Sleek design of displays CLINIOchemical antireflection ensures optimum imageCLINIO 4 Display

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Test the CLINIO 4

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