When the SILENIO all-in-one PC was developed, the focus was on the day-to-day life of hospitals and doctor’s surgeries. The result is a hygienic and powerful computer that is extensively equipped and extremely versatile.

Quiet, light, powerful

The slim and modern design of the SILENIO may conceal the technology that’s
inside but not the performance of the PC: The powerful Intel i5® or i7® 6th Generation processor, SSD hard disk and generously sized RAM make sure of this. The  design of the SILENIO is also reflected in the fact that it works completely without a fan and has a smooth and closed front and rear side.

Universal and versatile

The SILENIO C is equipped for all your applications thanks to its many features: WLAN, a webcam, a speaker and an LED reading light are available, as is an RFID reader. This medical PC can be used on a ceiling mount arm as well as on a cart. You can also use the optional tabletop stand to position it on any desk.


Hygienically safe

In treatment rooms and doctor’s surgeries, in particular, hygiene and cleanliness are always of primary importance. This is why the SILENIO has an IP65-rated front side that you can clean using a spray or wipe disinfectant. There are no controls protruding out of the device. You control the PC solely via the COMMAND BAR, which is a control panel that also functions if you operate it while wearing surgical gloves. The rear side also has no drip edges or recesses in which dirt and contaminants can collect. The hygiene cover protects the cable connections and therefore provides added safety. The hygienic design of the SILENIO makes it easy to clean and therefore helps to stop the spread of germs.

PCAP multi-touch in place of keyboard
and mouse

Keyboards and mice are often unwelcome in sensitive environments for reasons of hygiene. This is why the SILENIO is also available with an optional PCAP multi-touch screen. The screen recognises gestures with up to ten fingers and you can also operate it without any problems while wearing surgical gloves..

Mobile workstation thanks to UPS

The SILENIO is optionally available with an uninterruptible power supply (=UPS). Depending on the specific configuration of the device, the integrated battery allows you to work for 10 to 30 minutes independently from any external power supply. When the SILENIO is mounted on a cart, you can move between different treatment rooms, for example, without having to restart the computer each time.

RFID for the future

RFID technology offers the world of medicine wide-ranging opportunities: Instrument tracking, access logging, patient identification or other safety aspects can all become a reality with RFID. Even if you’re not yet using RFID: The SILENIO C gives you the security of knowing that you can embrace this technology at any time without having to upgrade or replace your entire PC Hardware.

COMMAND BAR: Intuitive, hygienic operation

The COMMAND BAR is the control centre of the SILENIO C. It is used to adjust the brightness and volume, activate the integrated reading light and Switch the monitor and PC independently of one other. When you want to clean the PC’s surface, you can use the COMMAND BAR to temporarily deactivate the [optional] touch screen. All controls are located behind the front glass pane. This allows for very convenient hygienic cleaning.



    The SILENIO C ensures greater safety
    for the following reasons:

  • It is a Class 1 medical device and may be used
    in patient Environments
  • It meets all the requirements of DIN EN 60601-1-2
  • It has 5kV-protected interfaces
  • It is completely fanless, which effectively prevents dust
    and germs from being circulated 
  • It can be cleaned easily and in a hygienically safe manner

Isolated inputs

Safety was always of primary importance when the SILENIO C was developed. As a result, each device has 2 x USB 2.0, 2 x RS-232 and 2 x LAN interfaces that are galvanically isolated and 5kV-protected. This protects operating personnel, patients and the device against fault currents and overvoltages and any resulting damages.


Whether it is used as a Hospital or Radiology Information System or Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), the SILENIO C is the perfect choice for all workplaces. The excellent processing power, first-rate screen and numerous versatile features of the all-in-one PC guarantee this. The PC’s many Connection options guarantee a smooth exchange of information between the different departments within a Hospital.




The SILENIO Computer meets all the requirements that are
placed on a modern, medical PC: It is easy to clean and
therefore hygienically safe, powerful and fully equipped.
Furthermore, it is also very versatile, as it can be used as a
ceiling mount monitor, PC workplace or – thanks to the optional
UPS – on a cart.

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Test the SILENIO

We would be glad to present you the SILENIO on location. Further you have the opportunity to run the devices in your daily clinic routine during a test phase.