Easy-to-read multifunctional display for the operating room.


Bright and customisable

The Infobar display is clear and bright, making it easy to read even in poorly-lit environments. Users can customise the display colours to suit their requirements.

INFOBAR – More than just a clock

Precise, easy to read and hygienic! THE INFOBAR is more than just a bright clock with large numbers: It also features additional displays that can be combined to meet the needs of particular projects or specific requirements.

Stopwatch included

You operate the stopwatch with just two touch buttons. Press one touch button to start the stopwatch and press the other button to stop it again. Press both touch buttons simultaneously to reset the stopwatch.

Temperature and humidity at a glance

The temperature and humidity – the two most decisive conditions in the operating room – directly influence the physical comfort of the patient and OR team, affecting how successful the operation is. Unfavourable temperatures and humidity levels may increase the risk of infection, for example. The INFOBAR offers the suitable display modules and sensors, allowing the entire OR team to always keep an eye on the current temperature and humidity level.

The INFOBAR with a pressure difference display

The air pressure should always be slightly elevated in an operation room in order to prevent contaminated air from flowing in from adjoining spaces. The Infobar can be equipped with a display module that displays the pressure difference between the operating room and the adjoining areas.


External sensors

The temperature, humidity and pressure difference sensors can be positioned externally, exactly where you need them. The measured data from the sensors is transferred digitally to the Infobar via an inexpensive RS485/CAT5 cable, bridging distances of up to 100 metres.

A/D converters for many different applications

The analogue/digital converter available as an option allows existing sensors with an active 0–10 V output to be connected to the Infobar. The converter transfers the data – for the temperature and humidity, for example – via a separate channel. 15 programs are available for evaluating the signals. The converter can be accessed via an RS232 interface. 


All of the important data at a glance

Time plays an important role in the operating room. The INFOBAR is a clock that can be synchronised in various ways.

Synchronise with a configurable Network Time Protocol server (NTP). (DHCP is required, optional)

For better reception, place the external DCF-77 receiver outside the INFOBAR. (Optional)

Synchronise the clock wirelessly with an AirTime 868 MHz transmitter. (Optional)

The clock can also be updated via the GPS signal (Global Positioning System). (Optional)

Slave clock line – synchronise the INFOBAR with your existing master clock (on request).


The INFOBAR is a clock with large numbers that can be easily read, even in poor lighting conditions. The INFOBAR can also be mounted directly above the OPERION®. Functional displays for time, stopwatch, temperature, humidity and differential pressure are included on request. The INFOBAR has an integrated A/D converter, which means it can use existing sensors in the operating room.

Free Info Package

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Test the INFOBAR

We would be glad to present you the INFOBAR on location. Further you have the opportunity to run the devices in your daily clinic routine during a test phase.