JVCKENWOOD joins Rein Medical

Japanese JVCKENWOOD concern acquires company shares

Press release, March the 1, 2018

  •  Japanese concern acquires company shares
  • Established Rein Medical management to remain active in operational business
  • JVCKENWOOD directors Takao Tsuji and Kazuhiro Aigami personally introduced themselves to staff in Mönchengladbach
  • Expansion into the US and Japanese markets

More orders, more growth, and in the long term no doubt more staff – Rein Medical has set its course for the future. On March 1, 2018, the company introduced a new shareholder, the JVCKENWOOD Corporation, which can offer greater prospects. The Mönchengladbach-based manufacturer and developer of software and hardware solutions in the field of medical IT expects the transaction to trigger a significant growth spurt.

“We have constantly reinvested in our family enterprise in recent years in order to develop the company step by step. Our dynamic development in recent years has made it necessary to think bigger,” explains managing

Rein Medical is an absolute stroke of luck for the electronics giant. The Japanese want to present themselves as holistic providers in the medical IT sector. In 2013, they acquired TOTOKU, a global leader in the field of diagnostic monitors that also supplies Rein Medical.

JVCKENWOOD is itself a leader in the development and production of technically sophisticated audio, video, and wireless communication solutions. “The talks were very productive. We will benefit from the wider range of possibilities and be able to use existing sales structures, particularly in the American and Japanese growth markets,” says Cyganek. The new shareholder is already one of Rein Medical‘s sales partners in Japan. The visits paid by board directors Takao Tsuji and Kazuhiro Aigamito Mönchengladbach show how important the IT specialist takeover is to the Japanese concern. The new share- holders introduced themselves to staff at the company headquarters right on the first day. “Rein Medical is a company that has acquired a wealth of expertise,” explained Takao Tsuji at his initial visit.

The medical sector is facing major changes; the digitalization of practices and clinics is proceeding apace. Rein Medical is one of the leading providers of diagnostic and viewing systems in Germany and Europe, and also provides clinic-wide image and video management solutions. Rein Medical is a system service provider that can realize holistic IT solutions for clinics and medical practices all the way from planning to handover. The company now employs more than 60 staff in Germany, Switzer- land, and Spain. Founded in 1994 as an IT company, the IT specialist has been focusing exclusively on medical IT since 2010.

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